Hello and thank you for visiting this blog. I trust you are here because you are at least a little interested in our adventure out to Madwaleni Hospital on the Wild Coast. Nevertheless, I also assume that you reached this via a link on an e-mail or Facebook, and were never planning on reading a long post about someone else’s life when your own is clearly much more exciting. While I disagree with the last statement, your opinions are your own, and I feel getting into an argument this early on in our online relationship would be unwise.

So, if you are unaware, Katy and I, together with Scott and Sarah and Dylan and Jade, have moved to a hospital in the rural transkei called Madwaleni District Hospital.  It’s a 180 bed hospital in a beautiful rural area, surrounded by rolling hills dotted with colourful huts and nearby one of the most beautiful coastlines we’ve experienced. Scott, Dylan and Myself are all doctors doing our community service. Katy is an occupational therapist in the process of taking a post at the hospital, Sarah is a teacher enthusiastically looking to get involved in the community and Jade is also a teacher and adventurous soon to be mother. Our wet arrival at the hospital coincided with the arrival of a great Dutch couple, Mark and Jet, both of whom are doctors with qualifications in tropical medicine. They too are bravely expecting a child. Below is a photo of Scot and Sarah, Dylan and Jade and myself and Katy at nearby Xhora river mouth. More pics of all of us to follow!Image

All eight of us have decided to use this blog as a way to share our journey with our friends and family, as well as hopefully to encourage those who are considering working in a rural environment. We hope you enjoy reading it!

– Andrew


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi!
    I’ve absolutely loved reading your visual and written snippets of your first few weeks of life in Madwaleni! Just thanked God for the ‘in-season’ introduction for me!- Its 2 weeks until i leave for Zithulele to work with Craig and Mich at Axium.
    Looking forward to seeing/meeting all 7 (congrats J&D!) of you!

    • Kristi, that is fantastic news. We really look forward to having you “around the corner”. We had a great time at Zithulele last weekend. Axium sounds amazing! Hope the final preparations are going well. You’re going to love rural life, it’s such fun! Much love, Katy

  2. Hi everyone: So glad to hear that you are settling into Madwaleni so well! I used to work at Madwaleni – first clinically and then doing some research. I was last there in November 2011 and left a whole pile of gear/stuff in what used to be Beatrice’s house (though it was probably vacant when you got there). Wanted to get in touch with one of you to see if you could help me figure out if there is anything in that pile that I need or if anything could be useful to you guys. Any chance you’d be willing to get in touch? My email is amysporter@me.com. Thanks so much! And again, so glad to hear you are all settling in so well! All best, Amy

  3. Goeden avond aan Mark en Jet. Wat leuk om weer eens wat te horen- en dan positief- over Madwaleni. In de oude analen sta ik, van 1965 tot 1968 als zuster. Fia ( Sophia) van Schaik. Xhosa naam, Usister- Nomahashe. In 2009 en 2011 ben ik er geweest en het was toen, zeg, minder mooi. Toen werkten er Vincent en ?? uit Nederland. Weten jullie waar ze nu zijn? Tot later en hartelijke groeten, Sophie

    • Ha Sophie! Wat leuk om te horen, Madwaleni wordt steeds beter bemand in krijgt een flinke opknapbeurt! Cynthia en Matthijs zijn terug in Nederland nu. Wij zijn van plan nog wel even te blijven. Mocht je weer eens in de buurt zijn, kom gerust langs!
      – Jet

  4. So pleased to hear about what you are doing guys! Can I ask whether any of you will be staying on after your community service? I’ve got some people I’d love to point in your direction if you are!

      • Hi, as a kid I lived in Sterkspruit and in Madwaleni, when my father Henk Boer was a doctor at Madwaleni hospital, from 1966-1972. This summer I am coming to South Africa for the first time since, to show my girlfriend were I grew up. We would really like to speak to some of you, to hear what it is now to work and live there. We will be staying at Bulungula from 26/7 to 31/7. Can we get in touch?
        Take care and some risks, Warner Boer

  5. Hi!
    I lived at Madwaleni from 1966-172, when my father Henk Boer was one of the doctors. My girlfriend and me will be visiting South Africa in July/August, and we are definitely coming to Madwaleni. We would really like to meet and talk with some of the people now working at the hospital, living in Madwaleni. Who can we contact?
    Warner Boer

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