What a year

Today is a sad day.  It is a day of too many goodbyes to too many amazing people that have come to the end of their Madwaleni adventure.  What strong bonds we form here in such a short time!  I am continually amazed at the incredible people that keep arriving at this place year after year, who creep ever so quickly into our hearts, families and lives.  While the time I have spent with you feels way too short and your departure premature, I am so grateful for the time we have spent and the memories we have made together.

What a fitting end to an incredible year it was to dine, laugh and reminisce on Nkanya beach and swim late into the night in bright green, phosphorescent waters.

It feels surreal that the homes we have come to see as your own, are now being swept and cleaned for a group of new faces.

I haven’t felt this way before in four years, which should tell you something of the year we have had together and the kind of people you all are.

Thank-you for what you have brought to this place – it is so much better off for it.

I feel incredibly jealous of the people who get to spend 2017 with you… I am sure you have incredible times ahead sailing after schools of Yellow-fin, travelling in India, doing PhD’s, starting OT practices, saving fynbos and rare toads, buying camera’s, starting up photography, drinking Hobgoblin’s with special friends and carving insane moves on huge icy-cold waves.

We love you guys!

P.S. We’ll be booking our tickets to Cape Town soon


One thought on “What a year

  1. Good day to you, Dylan,Jade, thank you for the mails I received from Madwaleni post. My English is not so good, so the simple question is, what will happen to this news letter? I hope some will continue. Thanks for the years you spent to inform me. From 1965 till 1968 I worked at Madwaleni Hospital as a nurse/ sister from The Netherlands. And I enjoyed it. At that time we had not so splendid camera’s but I have a lot of old slides of circumcision and the dances performed by the old mothers. At the Nkanya seaside. All the best wishes for your future and acceptance in the Western society. May God bless you and your family. Sophie ( Fia) van Schaik

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